Stefan Baggström

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  • Finland
  • Health Wellness and Fitness
  • English, Finnish
I%27m looking for board of directors or advisory board positions in health technology or healthcare service organisations. Especially I would be interested in helping organisations, which are going through digital transformation, entering new busines areas or markets. I%27m also interested in other busines areas where I could create a positive impact.

I have experience as a member of board of directors and advisory board. Currently a member of the board of dirctors at Gofore Plc (listed in First North), and earlier at Movendos Oy (co-founder). I%27m a certified board member (HHJ).

What will I bring to help your organisation?
- Everything digital: deep understanding impacts & possibilities of digital transformation
- Business development experience to boost new service development and scale
- Sales and account development experience both in public and private sectors
- Consulting business development experience
- Product and software development experience from embedded devices to cloud services
- Health technology development and related global regulation knowledge & experience
- Healthcare service development