We have door openers for you!

Based on our recent survey among our advisors, 95% believe they can open doors to clients and partners either very or moderately effectively.

Advisor Priority vs Advisor Free

The impact of advisors on startup success is clear

A study shows that a company using one or two advisors is 100% more likely to scale successfully compared to a company using none.

Handbook on Advisors

This free guide offers a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to help businesses of all sizes harness the expertise of advisors, offering practical advice on finding, partnering with, and benefiting from these invaluable resources.

How to write a perfect application on Boardio

Make sure you follow these instructions when applying to advisor or board opportunities in Boardio.

Become Boardio Ambassador and get 30% revenue share

We are searching for well connected industry experts to become our voice in their industry.

Boardio is looking for new Country Managers

We are looking for several new Country Managers to work with us on expanding Boardio to new countries.

Boardio customer success case: Tagomo Digital

What are the benefits of using advisors or external board members?

Sometimes people ask what is the concrete benefit of having advisors or external board members. Here is one example with some figures:

When is the right time to start using advisors or external board members?

"We should have done this [taking external board members] much earlier, the benefits have been so huge" said the CEO of one of our client company. We found them 25 candidates and they started to work with two of them.

How to use advisors for growing the company?

The key on using advisors effectively is to treat them as an extension of your team, and to involve them in the decision-making process as much as possible. By doing so, you can tap into their expertise and experience to help drive the growth of your company. Specially in the beginning of the advisor relationship it is crucial to have frequent communication with the advisor to get them up to speed. 

How to utilize advisors when entering a new field of business?

Your company has created a potential spin-off but no one in your team has the needed expertise to make it fly? This was the case with one of BOARDIO customers. This company operates in B2B but had invented something with major business potential in consumer market. There were some clear synergies in the production and thus the company wanted to keep the business inhouse. The solution was to find an advisor with track record in building strong cunsumer brands.

How to use advisors on global market entry?

Entering global markets does not anymore require heavy investments like renting an office and hiring local sales people. Much of the B2B sales that used to require face to face meetings, can now be done over teams. This is a huge opportunity especially to smaller companies that now have the whole world as their market. 

Should I use advisors when entering the US market?

Entering the US market is tough, even for bigger companies. Using advisors to enter the US market has several benefits and greatly increases the likelihood of success. 

Is it a good idea to search for foreign advisors or board members?

Due to Covid and digitalization, even smaller companies aim for global market. This however sets some new requirements on the management and the board. Diversity in terms of nationality becomes an issue that should be dealt with early on. One flexible and cost effective way to make sure company has all the skills needed for global markets is to get foreign advisors or board members.