About Boardio

Boardio finds skilled advisors and board members for key areas of business growth.

Advisor is a flexible and cost-effective way to bring needed expertise to the company. The company does not pay a fixed monthly salary or a high consultant fee. Compensation, duties and other details can all be flexibly agreed depending on the company’s needs and the advisor’s situation.


Tuomo Virkkunen Boardio
Tuomo Virkkunen

Founder and CEO

The CEO and founder of Boardio, Tuomo has over 20 years of experience in online services, notably at Nordea and Nokia and within the startup community with Boardio. Boardio was founded after Tuomo wanted to start sharing his expertise to growth companies but could not find any services to connect advisors with companies.

Tuomo leads the Boardio global expansion, feature development as well as manages sales & service delivery in Finland.
Andrew Spratley
Andrew Spratley


Andrew joined Boardio and took on the CTO role to provide consistency to the development process and guide it through it's next stage of development. Andrew brings over 10 years of experience with start-ups and small companies, helping them deliver bespoke platforms and solutions. He enjoys the vibrancy of new companies and working to create something new.

Andrew leads the code and infrastructure development at Boardio.
Ashwin Sivakumar
Ashwin Sivakumar

Business Partner South and South-East Asia

Ashwin with his company JugularSocial is the business partner for Boardio in South and South East Asia. Ashwin has helped many incumbents and startups tap into new digital business models and positioning opportunities. He has made strategic contributions to leading enterprises in areas like Healthtech, SAAS, enterprise software and e-commerce who have successfully prototyped, launched, and expanded their digital businesses under his guidance.
Per Landquist
Per Landquist

Country Manager Sweden

Per has joined Boardio as Country Manager for Sweden. Per has over 17 years of experience as Managing director for Sweden and Finland, within a leading international company, working in the loyalty and value-added services space. Per has also led and being part of management in two startups and spend over 20 years within the Banking and Credit Card business in Sweden. Per´s expertise includes strategic sales, business development and to creating successful partnerships between companies.
Daniel Alonso
Daniel Alonso

Country Manager Spain

With more than 15 years experience as a CEO in different companies and sectors, Daniel is our Business partner for the Spanish market. With a wide experience in international markets, Daniel is an engineer and MBA with a strong background in Corporate Strategy and in Business Development, playing important roles in areas like Innovation, Management or Sales throughout his career in industrial and maritime sectors.
Alex Smit
Alex Smit

Country Manager Netherlands

Alex is Boardio country manager for the Netherlands. With 20 years of international experience, Alex have held several senior positions at innovative companies in the ICT, Utilities and Fintech sectors. Combining exceptional analytical and teambuilding skills, he brings people, technology and resources together in a way that drives digital transformation and allows businesses to accelerate ahead of the competition.
Alberto Giusti
Alberto Giusti

Country Manager Italy and Canton Ticino (Switzerland)

Alberto is Boardio country manager for Italy and Canton of Ticino in Switzerland. Alberto is an angel investor and advisor in several european digital companies. In the past he was Strategy Manager, CEO and founder of internet companies in UK, CH, USA and IT.
Rene Hefler
Rene Hefler

Country Manager Austria

René is Boardio country manager for Austria. In more than 20 years he worked for big international companies like IBM, Colt or Gartner. In the past, René also founded two IT companies in Austria and he is still leading them. IT-, Cloud- and Consulting services are his major skills and that fits ideally to the Idea of Boardio.
Claus Thomsen
Claus Thomsen

Country Manager Denmark

With over 25 years of experience as a Partner, CEO, CCO and CTO in different companies and sectors, Claus is our Country Manager for Denmark. Besides a wide experience in international markets, IT security, sales and management, Claus also has huge experience with start-up and Business Development. Claus is also a Partner in Leave a Mark Consulting Group, and a shareholder in different startups.
Jiri Vetrovec
Jiri Vetrovec

Country Manager Czech Republic, Interim Regional Director for Latin America

Jiri is Boardio Counry Manager in the Czech Republic and Interim Regional Director for Latin America. Jiri has accumulated over 15 years of work experience in the fields of distressed M&A, Investment Banking (The Buy-Side), Corporate Finance, Real Estate and Strategical Business Development. Jiri also worked as Managing Director of a fast-growing online company that has successfully transformed from a start-up company into a global market leader.
Mariusz Malec
Mariusz Malec

Country Manager Poland

Mariusz has joined Boardio as a Country Manager for Poland. He has over 20 years of experience as Global COO and Managing director for Poland and CEE. Mariusz has investment and management experience in start-ups within the eCommerce and health care business in Poland and Europe. Mariusz´s expertise includes strategy, marketing, product and sales in telecommunication, FinTech, eCommerce and business development.

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