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6500+ advisors from 100+ countries! Boardio provides companies with the skills and expertise they need to expand internationally.




Our mission is to be the leading global service for growth companies, providing them with the skills and expertise they need to expand internationally. We do this by connecting them with advisors or board members who have the right experience, networks, and interest in their businesses.




Although Boardio is a global service, we rely on some of the good characteristics of the Nordics - we are originally from Finland - as we believe that these make a good foundation for a successful business in any country.


We believe in fostering a culture of transparency and openness, where ideas, feedback, and concerns are freely exchanged. Embracing openness allows us to collaborate effectively, promote innovation, and make Boardio a better service for companies and advisors.


If you lose your wallet, better lose it in Finland while there the likelihood of getting it back untouched is the highest in the world.

Honesty is at the core of everything we do. We value truthfulness and integrity in all our interactions. We are not looking for quick wins but are in this for a long term and think that honesty is the foundation for a long term success.


We trust in people.

Trust is the foundation of our relationships, both within our organization and with our stakeholders. We work diligently to earn and maintain the trust of advisors and companies. By being reliable, consistent, and accountable, we create an environment where trust thrives.


Equality is the core of Boardio service. Our selection process is solely based on expertise, qualifications, and experience aiming to provide companies with the most suitable advisors independent of gender, race, religion or any other factor.



Back in 2009 our founder, Tuomo, while working at Nokia, got this idea to share his expertise and help growth oriented companies in mobile domain. At that time there wasn't services available to help companies find advisors so after some talks with his Nokia collegues, Tuomo decided to leave Nokia and start building one. As you can see from this email that Tuomo sent to his Nokia collegues right before leaving, the initial idea was quite close to what Boardio is today:

"Dear friend,

i'm leaving Nokia in few weeks to set up a new internet service.

In this new service (called Abonnet = Advisory Board on Net) small and medium sized companies can get a group of people to act as advisors to help in new market entry, finding new partners, providing information on competitors etc. - basically to help in any operative or strategic issue company may have.

Abonnet offers a place for companies and advisors to find each other but also a place to run the advisory work i.e. secure online environment to have discussion among the group, share documents and have VOIP/video meetings. Use of internet enables wider use of advisors in a more cost effective way than today. And being an advisor is not limited to board professionals but anyone with valuable expertise and desire to share it could act as advisor."

In 2013 we noticed that the biggest value add we can provide is to help companies find skilled individuals. This lead us to remove features like video meetings and document sharing but also to change our name to BOARDIO.

In 2020 we introduced Company Turnkey service which is the backbone of our offering today. We find suitable advisors for the company and only charge if company starts to work with one we have found.

In 2022 we started to make Boardio a global service by hiring local Country Managers to run Boardio business in their regions - see our current Country Managers below. Global platform with local service is something that works well.

Today in 2023 we are stronger than ever. With 6000+ advisors around the globe, hundreds of successfull search assigments and a network of ~20 Country Managers we are a unique source of skills, experience and networks for any growth oriented company. The vision that Tuomo had in 2009 - use internet to share expertise with growth companies - has finally become reality.


Tuomo Virkkunen
Tuomo Virkkunen

Founder and CEO

The CEO and founder of Boardio, Tuomo has over 20 years of experience in online services, notably at Nordea and Nokia and within the startup community with Boardio. Boardio was founded after Tuomo wanted to start sharing his expertise to growth companies but could not find any services to connect advisors with companies.

Tuomo leads the Boardio global expansion, feature development as well as manages sales & service delivery in Finland.

Andrew Spratley
Andrew Spratley


Andrew joined Boardio and took on the CTO role to provide consistency to the development process and guide it through it's next stage of development. Andrew brings over 10 years of experience with start-ups and small companies, helping them deliver bespoke platforms and solutions. He enjoys the vibrancy of new companies and working to create something new.

Andrew leads the code and infrastructure development at Boardio.

Ashwin Sivakumar
Ashwin Sivakumar

Business Partner South and South-East Asia

Ashwin with his company JugularSocial is the business partner for Boardio in South and South East Asia. Ashwin has helped many incumbents and startups tap into new digital business models and positioning opportunities. He has made strategic contributions to leading enterprises in areas like Healthtech, SAAS, enterprise software and e-commerce who have successfully prototyped, launched, and expanded their digital businesses under his guidance.

Per Landquist
Per Landquist

Country Manager Sweden

Per has joined Boardio as Country Manager for Sweden. Per has over 17 years of experience as Managing director for Sweden and Finland, within a leading international company, working in the loyalty and value-added services space. Per has also led and being part of management in two startups and spend over 20 years within the Banking and Credit Card business in Sweden. Per´s expertise includes strategic sales, business development and to creating successful partnerships between companies.

Daniel Alonso
Daniel Alonso

Country Manager Spain

With more than 15 years experience as a CEO in different companies and sectors, Daniel is our Business partner for the Spanish market. With a wide experience in international markets, Daniel is an engineer and MBA with a strong background in Corporate Strategy and in Business Development, playing important roles in areas like Innovation, Management or Sales throughout his career in industrial and maritime sectors.

Gaby van Otterdijk
Gaby van Otterdijk

Country Manager Netherlands

Gaby is the Boardio country manager for The Netherlands. Gaby is a business leader with more than 25 years of international experience. As a Strategic Consultant, Advisor and Leader in Capgemini and in Gartner, Gaby worked for hundreds of corporations in Europe and the Middle east. In 2021 Gaby started his own company, where he is now advising and coaching CEOs and Business Owners of Startups, Scaleups and SMBs and has a strong network of business leaders, investors and advisors in The Netherlands.

Rene Hefler
Rene Hefler

Country Manager Austria

René is Boardio country manager for Austria. In more than 20 years he worked for big international companies like IBM, Colt or Gartner. In the past, René also founded two IT companies in Austria and he is still leading them. IT-, Cloud- and Consulting services are his major skills and that fits ideally to the Idea of Boardio.

Gregor Aschoff
Gregor Aschoff

Country Manager Australia

Gregor joined Boardio as the country manager for Australia. Over the course of 19 years, he has held executive and company director roles, gaining extensive global experience in transforming and enhancing technical businesses in both B2B and B2C contexts. Throughout his career, he has been involved in various system implementations and upgrades across diverse sectors as well as has actively participated in marketing and sales initiatives for heavy industrial equipment.

Gregor provides guidance to start-up, scale-up, and mature companies regarding market entry, growth, and ESG-related issues.

Helge Andreas  Notland
Helge Andreas Notland

Country Manager Norway

Helge Andreas is the Country Manager of Norway. With more than 20 years of senior executive experience in both the public and private sector including Health-care, Research, Education, Advisory, HR, Media, Design, Digitalization and Marketing, he manages a broad range of areas. He has a Master in ICT and Learning and has also studied Executive Master of Management and Digital Transformation. Certified with a Black Belt in Lean he has a strong focus on continuous improvement and building relationships between companies and across the borders.

Sven Sahlberg
Sven Sahlberg

Country Manager Germany

Sven is the Country Manager for Boardio responsible for Germany. He is an experienced international executive with strong business development skills and experience in helping companies with growth and market entry strategies. Sven has more than 20 years of experience as Managing Director for DACH and Nordics in a leading international loyalty and value-added services company and is an expert in developing customer-centric solutions, especially for financial services companies. Sven has supported several startups as Senior Advisor to enter the German market and has a strong network including VCs.

Anthony Brady
Anthony Brady

Head of Ireland & UK

Anthony has over 20 years senior executive experience across a range of sectors including Sports, Hospitality, Media and Education. Commercially focused and with experience as a Boardroom Executive, Founder and Advisor, he understands first-hand the pain points companies and their leaders face on their growth journey.

He leads the UK & Ireland division, applying his experience to ensure that each placement is mutually beneficial to the Advisor and Company resulting in a long and successful relationship.

Francisco Matos
Francisco Matos

Country Manager Portugal

Francisco is Boardio Country Manager for Portugal. Throughout his professional career, he has worked in Consulting, Retail and Healthcare industry focusing on Business Development, Corporate Strategy, Business Analysis and KPI development to support decision making. Francisco has also been involved in Portuguese startup ecosystem and university incubators. He strongly believes that Boardio can not only solve a need of a wide range of companies but also foster a new trend in job market.


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We are expanding Boardio into many new countries and seek several highly motivated and independent Country Managers/Lead/Directors to drive our business in their regions. Please see details here.

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