Become Boardio Brand Ambassador

We are looking for domain experts to become Boardio Brand Ambassadors in their industry (global or regional role depending on your network). You will be our voice in the industry making sure both companies and advisors in that field are aware of Boardio. Our aim is to become a leading service for companies in selected industries to search for advisors.

You choose how much time you spend on this and what is your way of working. You do not need to do hard selling or close deals (sure you can do both) but to provide leads to our country managers who takes the lead, closes the deal and manages the customer relationship. You get revenue share from all leads that generate revenue.

We are interested in several industries, ideally ones that are global by nature and thus benefit most from our global pool of advisors (e.g. deep tech, green tech, med / health tech, prop tech etc.).

Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in this.