Boardio customer success case: Tagomo Digital

Tagomo Digital, a fast growing digital marketing agency, was looking for an advisor while the entrepreneurs wanted to take the next step in growing the company. "We have ambitious goals for the future and we thought that with advisor we could speed up the growth" Tagomo's chairman of the board Mikko Lehtinen says.

Tagomo needed an outside expert's thoughts, especially on what the company does well, what needs development and what would make the most sense to focus on. "Even though we have a lot of good people around us, we wanted to hear a completely outsider's honest view of our business," says Lehtinen.

Tagomo started looking for a suitable advisor through Boardio.

"We received a lot of good applications from experienced professionals in the business world, one of whom was Hans Edin. He convinced us in the interview both with his experience and as a great guy," says Lehtinen.

"Hans has been a perfect partner for us, a hard professional and an incredibly good guy. He has an exceptional ability to find the most essential thing in things very quickly. We haven't come across a single situation yet where Hans wouldn't have been able to help us," Lehtinen praises.

Hans is also satisfied. "It's nice to work with Tagomo, everything conveys a good feeling and the mood of doing things. Thinking about the future, the focus is on personnel and management. When these areas work, the future is well on its way," says Hans Edin.

At the same time, he gives a tip to all those working in the whirlwind of the business world: “Focused, flexible, fast and fun. If you meet these four criteria, you'll be fine."

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