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New Advisor

Panu Liira

I work with growing and established companies on:- Developing capabilities for digitalisation- Building a healthy organizations and cultures of innovation...

New Advisor

Oula Järvinen

I can help companies digitalize their business and expand to global markets at the same time. I have experience in...

New Advisor

Petri Rinne

Experienced hands on investor, board professional, advisor, specialized in internationalization strategies, international sales execution and strategic partnerships. Strong business qualifications...

Recruiting Company

Cuckoo Workout

Cuckoo Workout is a corporate wellness application that encourages employees to take activity breaks and help employers to activate their...

New Advisor

Riina Jokinen

My core competences are in customer relationship excellence. Tools for execution include customer insight, communcations, marketing and sales. Keeping customers...

New Advisor

Tuomo Luoma

I am a doer. And I am a leader. I like to be on the frontline and in the trenches....

New Advisor

Kristian Ranta

I'm a serial entrepreneur and experienced global med tech and healthcare business builder. I've worked in healthcare & med tech...

New Advisor

Teemu Kankainen

Before starting my own business, I worked first as a shop manager at Telia Mobile Ltd., and then also as...

New Advisor

Minna Mehtälä

Managing Director of Nepa Finland, an innovative and fast growing company at the crossroads of research, management consulting and IT....

New Advisor

Ville Viksten

4 days ago


Rebelboost Oy

Our company has an innovation and patent for travel clothing business.

1 week ago

New Advisor

Mikko Nisula


Taviq Oy

TAVIQ is an intelligent platform that helps you and your business make smart investment choices.

New Advisor

Artem Daniliants

I am interested in web and mobile businesses. My passion is working with startups that want to give it their...

New Advisor

Antti Eronen

I've got x-ray vision for business.I have founded and run two startups in the live streaming video space, powering several...

New Advisor

Hanni Hirvonen

New Advisor

Susanna Rantanen

New Advisor

Pasi Jokinen

New Advisor

Lennu Keinänen

New Advisor

Emmi Stubin

Tero Jousi is now following Casetesting Oy

New Advisor

Päivi Kangasmäki

Pasi Posti commented

I am experienced international leader who has wide experience from Sales and Sales Management in many industries.

Recruiting Company

Energy Efficiency Clinic Oy

Energy Efficiency Clinic Ltd ( was established to provide solutions that improve energy efficiency in energy-intensive companies and operators internationally....




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