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New Advisor

Martti Rautee

M,Sc.Civil engineering , been active in management and consulting business last 13 years, specialist in Russian business and in real...


New Advisor

Otto Sulin

Hi there who stumbled upon my profile!Why would I be good board member for your company?* Previous experience of boards...

2 days ago

New Advisor

Tatu Pätiälä

New Advisor

Tatu Pätiälä

Recruiting Company

Fiskars Environmental Care – Fiskarsin Kiertotalous Oy

Vuonna 2016 perustettu yritys, jolla on oikeus käyttää Remix-teknologiaa. Remix-teknologia on kehitetty jo 90-luvulla suomessa. Remix-teknologia kompostoi jätelietettä. Lietettä syntyy...

3 days ago

Timo Helevä is now following Petri Rinne

New Advisor

Heikki Savikko

I have gained +25 years international sales and marketing experience from various business sectors. Always at the Management Group or...

New Advisor

Aarne Ylä-Rotiala

I listen, pay attention, and like to help people move their ideas forward, to figure out the next goal and...

5 days ago

Petri Manninen commented

Hei, mielenkiintoinen case, voitaisiinko jutella? T. Petri 04535 19662

6 days ago

New Advisor

Lauri Hänninen

1 week ago


Botnia Business Services Oy

Marketing, commercialization and sales services for industrial products

New Advisor

Srini Jeyakumar

Recruiting Company

Quva Oy

Quva Oy is an industrial big data integration and analytics company focusing on heavy industries such as pulp, paper, and...

New Advisor

Emil Ackerman

An enthusiastic business developer and a salesman with the goal of becoming the best in both.I work as the managing...

New Advisor

Graham Gillies

I am a forward thinking, creative problem solver, that is known for getting the job done. I am an EXTREMELY...

New Advisor

Einy Paulsen


Oy Cash Flow Ab

Cash Flow sells different kind of consumer goods to the biggest retailers in the nordics.



New Advisor

Robin Pulkkinen

Over the past 10 years I have helpt companies grow in the Nordic markets, with my main focus beeing in...

New Advisor

Omar Ikni

I am always seeking for challenges and new opportunities. In my work I always try to be punctual and efficient,...

New Advisor

Timo Tanttinen




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