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Csi Helsinki Oy

We are a software company established already in 1985. We have a long background developing case management software for law...

Recruiting Company

Bookndo is the one stop shop to discover and book amazing and fun sporty activities easily in Finland. On

New Advisor

Jenni Alasuutari

I am a good listener. I also have strong ideas and willingness to discuss.

New Advisor

Jukka Partanen

I am a Chairman in CSI Helsinki Oy. Our main product is CSI software family for professional services especially for...

New Advisor

Helleke Heikkinen

I work with deal flow for the Finnish Business Angels Network FiBAN. I pre-screen and screen all companies coming to...

New Advisor

Jari Pylvänen

Energetic sales professional with over 20 years’ experience in international sales.

3 days ago

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New Advisor

Janne Saarikko

I create Firsts.I'm a multifaceted entrepreneur, a marketing strategist and visionary, a creator and builder of new businesses and innovations,...

New Advisor

Heli Räty

Innovations, IPR, patent search, FTO, patenting strategy, commercialization, R&D, health technology, entrepreneurship, startups, creativity, social media, out-of-the-box thinking,

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New Advisor

Ajay Garg

New Advisor

Eija Kiviranta

1 week ago

Recruiting Company

Onemind Dogs

OneMind Dogs is a global dog training business that delivers the unique dog training method via online service and f2f...




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