Individual Advisors

Advisor Free
Apply to companies that have Premium package
Companies with Premium package can contact you
Complete profile page with picture and text.
Advisor Silver
39 /month
Apply to all companies AND get enhanced profile visibility
All Advisor Free features plus:
Apply to all companies
All companies can contact you
Your profile on top of search results
Better profile visibility in advisor listings
In average 10 times more profile views!
Advisor Priority
99 /month
Direct, full profile delivery on all opportunities
All Advisor Silver features plus:
Priority application delivery: Skip pre-selection. Your application will always be delivered to the company.
No profile anonymization: All companies, regardless of their subscription, will receive your profile in full.
Your profile at the top of the list when sent to the company


Company Try and Buy
1900 + vat
To get full candidate details
You'll receive anonymized candidate profiles for free. Once the service fee is paid, you'll get full candidate details and can start discussions with any candidate
No other charges
RISK FREE: After seeing anonymized candidate details, you choose if you want to pay the service fee
Company Turnkey LITE
3900 + vat
Success fee

Turnkey service to find advisors
Our senior expert collaborates with you throughout the entire search process
We'll find advisors with a suitable background and interest in your company
You agree advisor compensation and other details directly with the advisor
RISK FREE: We only charge if you start to work with an advisor we have found
On average, you receive 10 applications
Company Turnkey FULL
5900 + vat
Success fee

Turnkey service with Boardio project manager to find advisors
As in Turnkey LITE but with a Boardio project manager managing the entire selection process

Service availability and pricing may differ by country. To get details on the services and prices in your area, please contact us

To see some of the Turnkey searches we have successfully concluded, please see Boardio success cases page

Incubators, accelerators and other organizations with several companies as customers

Incubator Silver
Free pilot after which custom pricing
For Incubators and Accelerators wanting to help their customer companies expand overseas
Package and services tailored based on customer needs
Contact us