Opening doors to clients and partners

Getting clients or partners from outside the home country is challenging. You don't know the right people and nobody knows your company. Here, an advisor with suitable networks and a desire to help can bring significant added value.

The advisor will be able to connect you with the right people and thus facilitate the arrangement of the first meeting. You can also agree with the advisor on a wider cooperation. e.g. he can make the first contact with the client and thus verify whether it is worth continuing the discussions.

Some of our success cases on door opening

  1. "We found them [a cosmetics company] an advisor with long experience in the cosmetics industry and, most importantly, someone who got excited about this startup. The advisor was happy to be able to share their expertise and be part of an interesting growth company, while the company got a shortcut to the right people."
  2. "Our client in the software development industry faced the issue in getting access to German market. They had a presence in Germany but sought assistance in finding entry points to customers and partners. In 4 weeks, we found 9 potential advisors and they ended up working with two. These advisors had existing connections and networks in target client companies and made the sales process smoother by facilitating introductions and setting up meetings."
  3. "...just wanted to give feedback, really happy about all the 3 people you found, really interesting, and looking forward to what will happen. " This was the feedback we got from a foreign company that was planning to enter Finland. Although their solution is fully online, they needed a local advisor to increase credibility and to create connections to local customers and partners."




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