Advisor to support internationalization or starting a business in a new target market

An advisor with personal experience in the internationalization of business can significantly help in the planning and implementation of the company's global market entry. You avoid mistakes, save money and progress faster when you don't have to go alone. Boardio has more than 5,000 advisors from 100 different countries, which means that if necessary, we can find experts in a certain industry from a certain country, in which case the dynamics of your industry are already familiar to the applicants.

If you are planning to start a business in a certain country, you should consider hiring a local advisor to support market entry. These advisors typically have long work experience in the field and thus extensive networks with the right people and insight into the competitive situation in the field.

If your need is mainly to open doors to potential customers or partners abroad or at home, see more information about this on the page Opening doors to customer and partners.

Examples of how an advisor can help:
- preparing an internationalization strategy
- analysis and selection of the target markets
- supporting internationalization projects
- creating partnerships, opening connections with foreign customers


See some of our advisors with experience in international business and some successfull searches we have concluded in this field. 




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