An experienced advisor can significantly speed up getting funded

Search for funding for a company from angel investors or venture capital companies is a process where experience significantly increases the probability of success. An advisor who has successfully applied for financing is able to bring significant help to the company based on his own experiences. Who to approach, how to approach and which pitch deck are all things where experience matters.

Boardio's global network makes it possible to search for expertise from any country. If, for example, your target market is Germany, you should also consider applying for financing in Germany. And since angel investors often look for interesting investment opportunities regardless of geography, it is also recommended to conduct the advisor search as widely as possible.

Examples of how an advisor can help:
- Preparing the company for applying for funding (pitch deck, documentation, processes, etc.)
- Developing a financial strategy
- Creating connections with potential funding sources (VC, family offices, angel investors)
- Support in funding negotiations


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