Good product but problems in sales? Get expertise in creating and implementing a sales strategy.

Sales is still a bottleneck for many companies. The product is good and there is demand, but finding the right customers cost-effectively is not easy.

Finding an advisor, who has experience of scaling sales from a similar industry, is a good solution. The advisor can be actively involved in the creation of the sales strategy and participate in the Advisory Board or the board of directors to support the implementation of the strategy. Advisors also often have good contacts with potential customers or partners and can also open doors and thus facilitate the set up of customer meetings.

You can also use an advisor for other business development needs. If the company's plans include e.g. productizing the company's current offering, it may be good to utilize the help of an advisor who has experience in similar productization.

Examples of how an advisor can help:
- Creating a sales strategy
- Implementation of the sales strategy
- Training and sparring of salespeople
- Supporting and mentoring the sales management
- Other business development, e.g. productization, product management


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