Become Boardio Ambassador

We are looking for well-connected individuals or domain experts to become Boardio Ambassadors. A Boardio Ambassador's key task is to provide leads to Boardio. Providing leads means connecting one of Boardio's country managers with a company that is interested in discussing advisors or board members. The Boardio country manager closes the deal and delivers the service using the Boardio global platform.

Ambassadors receive 20% of the revenue that Boardio charges the company (Boardio's list price for one advisor is €2,900, for two it's €4,500, and for three or more it's €6,000, but pricing can be adjusted for each customer).

We are interested in any company, regardless of size and industry, that needs advisors. Most of our customers generate €1-5 million in revenue, but we also have pre-revenue startups, universities, and larger companies (with revenue up to €200 million) as customers.

The key need our customers have is to get expertise when expanding into new markets. This is where our global network of 6,500 advisors shows its strength. They may need someone from the destination country to assist in market entry or someone to provide general guidance on global expansion. Another key need is to find an advisor who can work with the company to secure funding.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in this opportunity.