Boardio is a quick and easy way to match with potential advisors for your specific needs. A lot better than using a general social platform like Linkedin as in Boardio you know that the other people on the platform are open for advisor positions

I would recommend Boardio for any startup company that knows where they need help. It is the fastest way that I know to get introduced to potential advisors outside of your own networks.

Juho Isola - Co-founder, CEO at TAVIQ Ltd.

Aalto University seeks for advisors in its projects aiming into start-ups. We have received excellent candidates through Boardio and continue its use in the future.

I would absolutely recommend Boardio also to others. As an electronic tool it is a good complement for the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Panu Kuosmanen - Senior Innovation Advisor, Aalto University

We have established a relationship with a new advisor through Boardio that could potentially be our partner in Finland. This advisor shares our vision and has more experience than us, we see that this can go well.

I think Boardio is a good way to seek advisors who complement skills you want to grow your business and expertise.

Anders Nordkvist - CEO, Asteria

Serendipity in action - that's Boardio! We found our CFO through Boardio, so for us, Boardio was a huge success!

I warmly recommend Boardio to companies seeking talents to upgrade their team. Easy and feasible way to meet people who are already matched to your specific needs.

Virpi Muhonen, PHD - CEO, Askel Healthcare