Ilkka Huotelin

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    Information Technology and Services
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    English, Finnish, French, German, Russian, Swedish
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Ilkka Huotelin is a business development leader with extensive global experience of 20 years in launching B2B products in the emerging and established markets, including Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Africa, China, Russia, and the CIS. He has worked on several company boards of directors and advisory boards and is currently advising several technology companies on how enter new markets.

Throughout his international career Ilkka has been on the forefront of technical innovation, developing ahead of its time projects for large international clients from working on a project of envisaging the 3G mobile services, initiated by a Swedish telecommunication company Ericsson (1992) to managing Nokia’s collaborative projects with Vodafone (UK), Orange (UK), and China Mobile (China) on innovation of future mobile services, including location based services and mobile payments (2002), and to successfully pioneering predictive analytics solution to the Kuwaiti telecom market for the leading telecom OSS/BSS provider (2012).

His passion for the state-of-the-art technological advances and the eye for the innovative and out of the box ideas and approaches has led him to the managing boards of several international avant-garde start-ups from the Russian software company that in 1991 created one of the first software on computer graphics animation, to the first digital only UK based lifestyle magazine Avantoure, pioneered on a Zinio conversion platform in 2006, and to an internet on-line community for senior executives and advisers worldwide launched in 2011.


Turning inventions to successful businesses
Digital content monetization
Telecom and Internet business
Introducing new %27disruptive%27 business models
Business development in emerging markets
Sales organization transformation
Solution sales - OSS/BSS (Operation Support Systems/Business Support Systems)
Contextual, advanced analytics and big data