We are actively seeking to partner with all kinds of organizations that work with growth companies and with which our offering is complementary.

Below are listed partners with whom we have worked, and we can recommend them for providing high-quality services.

If you are interested to become our partner, please contact us [email protected] or book a call with our CEO.



ABOUT: Imec.istart, founded in 2011, is the world's 'number 1' Startup Accelerator in the UBI Global Ranking, connected to imec, the world's leading independent nanoelectronics R&D center in Leuven, Belgium.

HOW WE PARTNER: Boardio is official 'Supporting Partner' of imec.istart. We assist imec.istart startups (and alumni scale-ups) in finding the right international advisors for scaling and internationalisation.



ABOUT: Innovation Manager helps the customer to secure financing its research, technology and business development activities by public and private funding.

HOW WE PARTNER: We assist Innovation Manager clients in finding advisors for any need, including those with the capability to invest. Additionally, we connect growth companies seeking funding with Innovation Manager. From every lead leading to revenue, we provide revenue share.



ABOUT: Leapfunder helps startups to find early stage financing. Their main product is the Leapfunder convertible note, a standard approach through which early stage companies can be financed. Via Leapfunder anyone can become an Angel investor. An investment can start from €1.000.

HOW WE PARTNER: We work with Leapfunder to help their clients to expand internationally through the Boardio global advisor network.


NORDIC HQ (Northern Europe)

ABOUT: NordicHQ is the one-stop-shop for setting up a business in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the rest of Northern Europe. Helping foreign businesses and individuals to set up or expand their business to Northern Europe is their specialty.

HOW WE PARTNER: NordicHQ introduces Boardio services to their clients expanding to Nothern European countries. In case these leads lead to revenue, we pay revenue share to NordicHQ.