Recruit new advisors for your business!

Grow your business, enter new markets, expand to online channels and more. Boardio has over 2000 advisors available to help you reach your goals.

Follow these steps to find suitable advisors

  1. Sign up for Boardio with your personal LinkedIn profile. We use LinkedIn to make it easier for you by re-using much of your LinkedIn profile info and removing the need for new username/password combination.
  2. Open a board to make sure interested advisors know of your search. Describe briefly your business and what kind of advisors you are looking for. Select board status 'Recruiting' to allow advisors to apply. Please note that posting an recruitment ad for your business is completely FREE.
  3. Browse the Boardio candidate pool and contact the ones that seem most suitable. With Company premium package you'll have all search tools available and you can contact any candidate you like.

Best recruitment practices

Advisor, advisory board or board of directors?

This depends very much on the case but in general we'd recommend to have an individual advisor once the business is getting started, add one or two advisors once business is up and running and have a more formal relationship (i.e. board of director) with established business.

Recruitment ad

  1. Describe briefly what your company does, where you are at the moment and what are your key short term targets.
  2. What skills/competences are you looking for? You can also explain the key challenges or targets you have and let advisors propose what skills are needed.
  3. Make sure to share your ad on relevant social media channels.

Recruitment process

  1. Ideally you would have several candidates interested in the position. Make sure to utilize advisor search and contact advisors yourself especially if you only get 1-2 applications.
  2. Check each applicant's Boardio and LinkedIn profile. See also if you have shared LinkedIn connections and ask their opinion on the candidate.
  3. Try to have a phone call or f2f meeting with top 3 candidates. At this point it's also good to touch the subject of compensation to make sure your views are not too far away from eachother.
  4. Make a written agreement with the candidate you have selected. You may however want to have a few months ""trial period"" before committing to longer term co-operation.