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The Instituto de Consejeros-Administradores (IC-A) is the Spanish association for Board Directors of businesses or organisations. Membership of the Association is undertaken individually and does not imply any special connection between the association and any sector of economic or business activity, or with any specific company or entity.

IC-A has among its associates members of the Board of Directors (Chairs, Vice-Chairs, Directors, Secretaries of the Board) and first line management that reports to the Board, representing a wide range of national and international companies, whether listed or not, family businesses, financial entities, multinationals, start-ups, NGOs and public entities, etc. IC-A represents Spain in the Confederation of European Directors’ Associations (ecoDa), based in Brussels.

IC-A is an initiative of the civil society that promotes best corporate governance practices. IC-A enjoys national and international recognition among directors and major institutional investors, in Spain, Europe and the United States, as an independent professional body with expertise in good corporate governance. IC-A offers professional development services, Director training, national and international webinars, conferences and events, networking, opinion-forming reports and information on regulation, professional standards and other issues related with Directors, Board of Directors, Administrators, and with the governing bodies of entities and companies.