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    Consumer Goods

Well established company with high quality concept & product range are aiming for continuous International Growth ambition and are looking for 10 MSEK investment. Detailed Investment Memorandum available upon contact/interest.

We want to inspire all passionate home cooks – ourselves included – to cook and enjoy food in the manner of professional Scandinavian chefs. And we are going to provide home cooks with the right knowledge and the right own designed kitchen tools for the job.

Our main markets are Sweden and China. We also have footholds in USA, Germany, UK, Taiwan, etc. And international e-commerce.
In 2021 demand for our products has surpassed what we have been able to supply (due pandemic causing world-wide complications in supply chain)

They have around 350 sales points in retail: ELON, Cervera, Kitch’n, Önska, Independent stores, Kitchentime, and more.
Having this great distribution made us hit MSEK 12, 2021
Constantly growing e-commerce with high margin sales. New web platform with integrated e-commerce launched in 2021.
Presently producing EMV for Cervera, Sundqvist (Global knives), Kitchentime, Solstickan…