Maria Antikainen

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  • English, Finnish, German, Swedish
I am one of the leading experts in sustainable business and circular economy business models in Finland. I have several years expertise in leading research substance expertise development in sustainable business as a member of the research area leadership team. Currently I am a team leader of sustainable business team and Principal Scientist at VTT.

I am also an Adjunct Professor at the Tampere University, specialising in innovation in business networks and hold two PhD degrees. I have 15+ years%27 expertise on business development in general. Last 8 years I have been focusing on exploring the business opportunities related to sustainability and circularity in close collaboration with companies.

I can offer understanding on 1) how to create value to the company and its stakeholders through strategic sustainability, 2) how to plan and implement sustainable business models, and 3) how to create superior value to customers/end users through sustainanability.