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Versatile economist and engineer specialized in tech high-growth companies

Versatility might be one of the words that describes me best.
Even though my career has included businesses and work in very different markets, the common thread can be found as a professional manager in specialized high-tech entrepreneurial/ high-growth businesses.

How people have described me:

- Thinks outside of the box
- Works outside of his comfort zone
- Sales and marketing driven leadership style
- Creates new business opportunities
- Good technological understanding, such as material tech., IT, manufacturing etc. -
- Understanding of entrepreneurs and family businesses
- Innovates , either by leading projects or as a team member
- Understanding of numbers, economy and accounting as much as it’s needed to manage a company or a business unit.
- Fast decision making and not afraid to take risks
- Experience of managing profitable growth

Marketing, sales, maintenance, manufacturing,product and service development, entrepreneurial companies, software, CRM, high-tech, digital sales and marketing, high-growth companies and entrepreneurial companies

I can help company management and entrepreneurs on the path for profitable growth in such areas as management ,personal advisory of entrepreneurs, sales+marketing, internationalization, innovation and last but not least building and developing suitable management systems for the growth stage of the company.