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Radhika Lakshminarayanan
Ashwin Sivakumar is the co-founder and chief of digital business growth of the JugularSocial Group. JugularSocial helps enterprises build, validate, scale digital business models and revenue streams. He is open to helping tech startups in the areas like Healthtech, SAAS, Martech and Adtech expand and grow their business in the fastest growing digital economy in India.
Over the years, Ashwin has helped 50+ clients to tap into new digital business models and positioning opportunities.He has made strategic contributions to leading enterprises in areas like Healthtech, SAAS, enterprise software, e-commerce and Fintech who have successfully prototyped, launched and expanded their digital businesses under his guidance.
Ashwin’s unique background and career journey in converging areas like informatics, clustering science, creativity, design gives a strong competitive depth to his Digital Marketing and Business Practice.
Ashwin comes with more than 15+ years in Digital Business and Marketing (10 years as an Entrepreneur and Practitioner at JugularSocial). His interests are in leading transformational digital marketing roadmaps and digital business innovations for Enterprises. He uses his vast experience in Creative Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing Techniques and Social Media to create new Digital Business Models and New Digital Consumer Experiences.
He can be reached via Linkedin or Instagram
His recognitions include British council young creative entrepreneur awards and UKTI global entrepreneurship program awards. In 2015, he was cited amongst the top 50 Digital marketing professionals in India by CMO Asia. He was selected as a BiovisionNxt fellow by the prestigious world life science forum in 2004.