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Suzanne Daniels - International Business Consu
International growth, commercial management, business models, and strategies. Global network. Experience from the industry sectors: High Tech, Process Industries, Energy, and Software. Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, and Global operations.

Double-digit and triple-digit business growth from strategy design, people energization to the commercial mgmt. of global businesses
- Leading sales for growth. Sales organization mgmt. from quota setting to coaching
- Growth business assets, capabilities, and competencies
- Transferability & replicability of capabilities and offerings to enable fast Global growth
- Partnering ecosystems for offerings and go-to-market scalability

Digital services, Solutions, and Go-to-Market innovation
- Experience from all aspects of digital technologies and business models, and how to utilize those when innovating and developing new user and customer-centric digital offerings in an agile manner
- SaaS/PaaS/XaaS, Subscriptions – Experience from 30+ different digital offerings, from ideation phase to business design and implementations
- Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML), Data Analytics, AR, VR, User experience design (UX), System integrations, etc.

Marketing as an integrated function with the business. Digital marketing for high growth. All aspects of digital marketing: Storytelling, content generation, SEO/SEM, Social media, crowdsourcing, loyalty marketing, customer data, data and web analytics, etc. Since 1998 customer experience design has been the core and fuel for my marketing mindset.