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If you need an adviser or a board member for your company, please take a look at my profile and do not hesitate to contact me.

I%27m an analyst with result oriented way of working. Due to my stategic thinking, I think I%27m a good candidate for your company when planing growing your business. I have a large experience from different businesses, both private and public sector, as well as from the third sector.
Since 2007 I%27ve been working in the finance sector. My role as Key Account Manager in Nordea Bank, Eastern Uusimaa corporate office (4/2012-2/2016) gave me a lot of knowledge about running and financing small and medium sized enterprises. It has been a great time to see how companies can develop their business via systematic working towards their strategic goals. Then I also worked a short period (8-12/2016) as Team Leader for a team of corporate business experts, which gave me even more insights of different enterprises. And I have to tell you that I know how important it is to have a partner from the finance sector who is with you on your tour forward. Now I work as Branch Manager within personal banking business and this give me a even broader perspective of the banking business.
Since 2003 I have been active within the Junior Chamber organization and this has given me a broad insight into running hobby activities via board membership.
Hope we can meet and discuss how to get further with our common plans. Do not hesiate to contact me.
I took part of the HHJ course during 2016 and got my diploma in November 2016.
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