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Arto Vidgren

4 days ago

New Advisor

Kim Lahti

5 days ago

New Advisor

Juha Laiho

6 days ago

Sari Erpo is now following Scienceclub

1 week ago

New Advisor

Sari Erpo

I have launched several successful companies in Finland, Estonia and Denmark, and I have done consulting and training both in...

New Advisor

Kenneth Pellas

Recruiting Company


Science Club is University of Helsinki developed concept for preschool science education. The project has had very good reception as...

Mikael Gröning is now following Witrafi

Mikael Gröning is now following Runteq Ltd

Hannu Kokko is now following Optofidelity

Hannu Kokko is now following Elisa

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TEKES-TUTL project at Tampere University of Technology. Development of Digital Image Correlation solutions assisting clinicians in diagnostics and decision making....

New Advisor

Sven Curtze

I'm currently working on the commercialization of a research project (cardiomeDIC) that I also co-initiated and raised funding for (~...

2 weeks ago

New Advisor

Jean-Michel Pailhon

15 years in Financial Services (M&A, IPO, CVC). Expert in Capital Markets technology and SME FinancingNow Strategic Advisor to FinTech...

Juho Isola is now following Juho Toivola

New Advisor

Kiviniemi Suvi

A game company co-founder looking for a mentor, preferably with a wide range of experience in marketing. You'll get to...

New Advisor

Elina Arasola

People Business is my cup-of-tea. I know human behaviour and how to make a change needed in order to grow,...

New Advisor

Ville Sirviö

3 weeks ago

Juho Isola is now following Magnus Enckell

Recruiting Company

Taviq Ltd.

TAVIQ helps Private Bankers to get deals done. Currently private bankers are meeting new potential clients blindfolded. They do not...

New Advisor

Juho Isola

A passionate sales-oriented FinTech entrepreneur with a great set of soft & technical skills.Juho Isola has two MSc degrees from...

New Advisor

Betty-Maj Forsman




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